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Welcome to National Grid Power System Services division.  Our team of managers and technicians are available 24/7 to provide you with preventative maintenanceinstallationstart-up and commissioningrepair and analysis for your:


When it comes to power generations, we are fuel and manufacturer neutral!  With over 15 experience with Direct Drive, Power Drives, Cogeneration and Fuel Cell plants we offer our customers the support they need to maintain their operation 24/7.   Our clients need critical power to maintain their operations and rely on us to provide them with years of service and expertise.  They include:

        Education facilities                                   Water Districts 

        Detention Center                                       University Campuses

        Hospitals & Nursing Homes                     Hotels and more! 

As the only NYC authorized UTC fuel cell service and install, we maintain of the largest plants in the metropolitan area.  Whether 150 KW stand-by diesel generator or major power plant, we offer our customers competitive services that will increase their operation efficiency.

We currently service more then 50 institutions in the tri state area.  Our smaller businesses include over 20 gas stations located outside the 500 year flood plan to provide them with emergency power for the next Sandy Storm. In fact, National Grid's Power Team helped these customers get a grant through the State of New York and FEMA to pay for each installation so they can be prepared to operate in any condition. 

Service & Maintenance


Stand-by Power Preventative Maintenance (PM) Agreements, whether gas or diesel fuel PM contracts, are available for all engine driven equipment. We have expertise in maintaining equipment manufactured by; Caterpillar, Waukesha, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, and more!  

All our service visits are performed by qualified in-house technicians.  Your equipment will be entered into our computerized maintenance system which will create a history file and prompt us to notify you ahead of time when your facilities are coming due for service.  Our 24 hour emergency services will ensure you that your operations will continue to run efficiently throughout the year. 


Our total PM program consists of servicing your equipment quarterly and performing the major service once a year.  The services incorporate performing inspections and testing the auxiliary equipment such as the safeties, belts, hoses, air louvers, and automatic transfer switch (ATS).


Additionally, at the time of our visit with permission of the customer, the ATS will be transferred to ensure the system is operating effectively with available building load.  During the major visit, an oil sample will be taken from the engine and sent to a laboratory.  The sample will be reviewed for wear limits to indicate potential failures, and assist our professionals to take further preventative measures, if necessary. 

Service Plan Details:


Engine Repairs

Engine Repairs, minor and major overhauls are all performed by National Grid Energy Management in-house service professionals. 


The minor engine overhaul consists of services to:

  • Cylinder Head - Turbochargers - After cooler pump – Carburetor - Governor

  • Linkage Bearings - Magneto and couplings - Inlet Restrictor – Regulator (gas only)

  • Air starter – After Cooler Core - Electric Starter

  • Clean and Flush – Cooling System

  • Inspect Spark Plugs 

  • Replace - Water Temp Regulators

  • Test - Generator Rotating Rectifiers


During the major overhaul, most systems will require service to the following:

  • Cylinder Head – Cylinder Liners - Turbochargers – Connecting Rods

  • Main Oil Pump – Pistons – Cam followers – Wrist Pins - Governor

  • Piston Rings - Main Bearings - Rod Bearings - Valve Rotators - Crankshaft Seaks - Plugs

  • Inspect – Crankshaft, camshaft, cam bearings, gear train and bushings, rocker arm bushings

  • Clean and Test – Oil Cooler, After cooler Core


Testing & Analysis

Testing and Analysis is part of our Preventative Maintenance program.   During our major visit, we take engine oil samples and send out for analysis to review for wear limits and service. 


At the request of the customer, NGEM performs “On-Site Load Bank Tests” for our clients whether or not they are required by law annually.  Our trained technicians will bring in the required KW load to perform these tests for building system that can not engage in full load of the electric systems.  National Grid Energy Management, LLC will perform Load Bank Test during normal working hours for each designated generator unit(s). 




               1. Testing completed during normal working hours

               2. We will supply load bank for required KW Power Demand

               3. We will supply necessary cables for rated amperage 

               4. We will perform total load test on each unit for 3 hours at the below increments. 


  • 25 % load for 30 minutes
  • 50% load for 30 minutes

  • 75 % load for 60 minutes

  • Remaining 1- hour at 100 %

                 (including delivery and pick up of testing equipment)     


Installation & Start-up


Caterpillar - Kohler - John Deere - Cummins - Waukesha - Generac

Our engineers will design your stand-by generator to meet the emergency demand loads of the building, project manage the installation and commission the plant if needed. 


We can install packaged systems on rooftops or ground level, pending service requirements.  Our systems are enclosed in sound proof structures with skid mounted fuel tanks.  Whether a hotel, hospital or nursing home we use the most cost effective equipment to meet the safety requirements that is needed for your stand by loads.

Commissioning / Start-up

Start up and commissioning is a series of activities that require advance planning and coordination between vendors, contractors, operations, and engineering personnel.  Each of the Commissioning Team Members has specific roles that are coordinated by the Commissioning Engineer. 


The purpose is to confirm that the new equipment or systems function in the manner intended, and to meet or exceed the performance requirements.  The Start-up and commissioning phase sets the foundation for the life of the equipment and the reliability of the plant.  Essentially this is the most important phase of the project and ensures that all vendors and contractors are held accountable.


During the design phase of the project, the Commissioning preparation begins (Pre-Commissioning).  The Commissioning Engineer is responsible for the schedule, coordination and implementation of the commissioning activities as well as to ensure that all systems are started and operated in a proper and safe manner.  At this time any RFP and related bid documents are reviewed and testing of equipment at the factory is completed. 


When construction is 90% finished, a project manager will be assigned to begin a start-up and commission plan.  Responsibilities will vary according to the commencement of the manager and current state of construction.  During these stages, our manager will conduct site visits during the final construction phase to complete commissioning and plant start-up.

Fuel Cells & CHP


Fuel Cell Service Provider


NGEM is the only NYC authorized ONSI/UTC Fuel Cell installer and service provider.  NGEM designed, project managed, installed and is maintaining one of the largest fuel cell plants in the metropolitan area. 


Prior at Verizon of Long Island, there where (7) fuel cell systems or 1.4 MW provide critical power to this plant.   Working in parallel with this system, NGEM converted (1) diesel generator to a Bi-Fuel gas/diesel unit to peak shave system loads.   Two (2) 70 ton absorption chillers are utilizes the plants waste heat resulting in a total carbon foot print reduction by 40%.

How Fuel Cells Work

Natural gas fuel-cell technology chemically converting C2H6 found in natural gas to direct current electric power.  A fuel cell is an electrochemical energy conversion device.  A fuel cell converts the chemicals hydrogen and oxygen into water, and in the process it produces electricity.  

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

National Grid Energy Management is now a authorized service provider for Marathon Engine Systems ecopower® microCHP.     This system has received the ENERGY STAR Emerging Technology Award.


The ecopower® provides heat and electrical power in a cost effective and environmentally friendly manner. This innovative system utilizes advanced cogeneration technology, helping create the future of energy production on the residential and commercial scale. High overall efficiency and lower emissions compared to central power plant output are major benefits of microCHP.

How CHP Works 

CHP Commercial and Multifamily Applications
Click Here to Learn More about CHP 

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