Heating & Hot Water Division


Welcome to National Grid Heating and Hot Water Services division.  As a leader in industrial BURNER SERVICES and system upgrades, our commercial team of qualified technicians are available 24/7 to maintain your multifamily or industrial properties.  In addition we offer a Residential Hot Water Heater program in Rhode Island only.   To learn more...see below:  


- Preventative Maintenance Plans                                               - Water Heater Rentals - Rhode Island Only

- Burner Overhauls & Tune-ups

- Oil to Gas Conversions

- Hot Water Installations

- Steam Trap Repairs

- DEP Preparation and filing 

- Energy Efficiency Testing

- System upgrades and control

- Pumps and Vacuum Systems Repairs

  and More!  


With over 10 years of experience, we provide services to major real estate companies, universities, and governmental agencies on the state and local level.  We have full spectrum of services for most oil and/or gas burner systems, controls and pumps that supply heat and hot water to our customers.     


             Call 401-784-4240 to learn more!

  Find out about renting a water heater for as low

   as $24.99 a month or about our rent-to-own

       option for as low as $49.99 a month*               

Maintenance & Service Plan


Preventative Maintenance (PM) Agreements whether gas or fuel oil burners, are available for almost all equipment starting at 50 HP and up.   Our technicians have years of experience in maintaining water-tube, fire-tube, sectional and furnace bank equipment manufactured by companies such as: Federal, Rockmills, Weil Mclain, Cleaverbrooks, Slantfin, AO Smith and more!  


Our PM program is designed to insure your system operates at peak efficiency throughout the year.  Services include performing a complete full service overhaul of the main combustion system components, ancillary compressors and combustion efficiency test to ensure proper adjustments have been made to maximize operations during low/high fire.   In additions, a monthly plus option is available with each contract in which our technician will perform a monthly control tune up, plus one annual overhaul. 

Service visits are performed by qualified in-house technicians.  Your equipment will be entered into our computerized maintenance system which will create a history file and prompt us to notify you ahead of time when your facilities are coming due for service.  Our 24 hour emergency services will ensure you that your operations will continue to run efficiently throughout the year.

Download Sample Service Plan

Boiler Tune-up 


The tune-up is part of National Grid’s effort to increase energy efficiency, reduce your carbon output and lower gas consumption.  National Grid Energy Management is an authorized contract to perform Tune-ups for National Grid.  

If you are a National Grid customer and have a Gas Fuel Boiler 100 HP and up, you may qualify for a Tune-up Rebate.  Incentive varies so send us your National Grid Gas Bill when you contact us and we will let you if there is a current incentive (Incentives up to $1000!).  

During a tune-up with National Grid you'll get a professional technician that will perform the following:

  • Measure combustion efficiency prior to tune-up using electronic flue gas analyzer

  • Adjust airflow and reduction of excessive stack temperatures

  • Adjust burner and gas input, manual or motorized draft control.

  • Check proper venting and Complete visual inspection of system piping and insulation.

  • Check safety and interlock controls

  • Check adequacy of combustion air intake/supply

  • Inspect all refractory and inspect for “hot spots”

  • External inspection of gaskets on front and rear doors.

  • Check and flush low and auxiliary low water cut-off controls

  • Clean burner and burner pilot and check gas ring or spuds.

  • Clean motor starter contacts and check operation

  • Check for leaks and/or vibration

  • Check motor drive links, lubricate if require

  • Inspect general burner operation and make necessary adjustments for proper combustion

  • Check and report any fuel oil, water and gas leaks

  • We will notify contact person on site of any leaking conditions which must be attend to promptly.

  • Perform all flame safeguard and safety trip checks

  • Record boiler system problems recognized during visit

  • Check hand hole plates and manhole plates for leaks

  • Measure combustion efficiency after tune-up using electronic gas analyzer.

Burner Overhaul  (Spring & Summer Specia)


It's easy.Burner repairs and Overhauls are available on a time and material basis for components of gas or oil fired burners, boilers and hot water equipment.  Burner Overhauls are available to customers who prefer service only once or twice a year to maintain their heating system.  Our overhauls include materials described below to clean the burner housing, replace lube oil, filters, belts, etc.: 


 Spring and Summer Overhaul Service Special $975*     

(*Materials included as described below)

  • Clean burner housing and paint as needed

  • Replace compressor belts.

  • Replace lube oil and air filter.

  • Replace spin on filter.

  • Clean lube tank sight glass.

  • Check and clean all fuel oil Strainer.

  • Replace fuel oil strainer gaskets.

  • Replace electrodes and ignition wire.

  • Replace burner sight glass.

  • Replace transfer pump belts.

  • Check all interlock for safe operation.

  • Replace burner door rubber gasket.

  • Pull and clean nozzle and nozzle body.

  • Inspect scanner.

  • Check all motor drive links.

  • Perform C02 test after Burner overhaul.

  • Inspect smoke alarm for proper operation.


*limited price offer to internet request for service only for select burner equipment

15 Point Energy Efficiency Check


National Grid is offering a special Introductory Boiler Plant Optimization Service with our 15 Point Energy Efficiency Check provided by our trained in house industrial technician at an introductory fee for limited time!
This service will help you to increase the performance of your boiler, identify potential safety hazards, local law violations and where you need to make the necessary improvement to optimize your boiler performance.    

Boiler Plant Optimization Introductory Service 

**15 Point Check - $399 Plus Tax** 

National Grid is pleased to offer an introductory 15 point check for your consideration to improved boiler and burner efficiency.  This service includes:

  • Check oil strainers 

  • Check oil and air pressure to burner

  • Check air filter

  • Check lube oil level and compressor

  • Check belts

  • Check linkage

  • Check side arm heater (if applicable)

  • Check side arm circulator

  • Check smoke alarm

  • Check draft devices

  • Check oil temperature

  • Check burner operation and component

  • Check boiler blast tube and refractory

  • Check boiler gaskets for leaks

  • Check fresh air operation Louvers, acorn fan, motorize.

All above will be inspected for wear and checked for operations.  All finding will be submitted and any recommendation will be proposed for your consideration.

Call today for an Oil to Gas Burner Conversions!  National Grid Energy

Management is a NYC Licensed Boiler Installer that can provide you with

a complete turnkey replacement of your old oil burner to a new dual fuel

burner system or straight natural gas.   

Our general scope of services includes: 

  • Install new gas pipe and (if required, a gas booster) from POE to boiler 

  • Install new M&R station and meter set up for new gas pipe to boiler  

      (Meter to be supplied by Gas Utilities)

  • Conduct work for connecting the new service to the existing load per utility specifications

  • Disconnect oil tank to qualify for utility rebate**  

  • Vent gas train to outside of building.

  • Clean chimney for gas operation and provide certificate.

  • Furnish and install all labor and material as specified. 

  • Furnish and install gas train complete with valve proving system for gas upgrade. 

  • Install gas conversion kit for the burner as described in site inspection above.

  • Provide schematic designs for engineering and filling.

  • Pull all permits and file with Department of Buildings.

  • Provide plumbing permit and conduct plumbing inspections as required





Steam Trap and Vacuum Repairs using thermal imagery testing.   Many facilities produce steam for heating or manufacturing processes. The steam is typically piped from a central boiler(s) to various locations on-site where the steam is used. “Steam traps” are mechanical devices installed on the pipes to remove condensate from the steam flow; they are needed to maintain the proper operation of the steam distribution system. 

A typical industrial plant or university site may have several hundred or even thousands of steam traps.  Unfortunately, steam traps have a tendency to leak, which can add up to thousands of dollars per year of wasted steam for a single steam trap. This was probably less important when the original steam system was built years ago, but with today’s energy prices, it is critical to detect and correct failures quickly. 
On average 15-25% of steam traps are leaking at existing installations, which means hundreds of thousands of dollars of wasted energy per year per site.  At National Grid we will provide a technician (surveyor) to conduct an assessment of the steam traps. Our trained surveyor uses the latest thermal imagery equipment to tag and locate, identify the working conditions and submit a repair log sheet.  
Most utilities will provide the customer a rebate for the repair of the steam trap to encourage energy savings.  Below is a sample of the potential savings that may be realized from leaking steam traps.  



DAR pre-inspections, violation removal, registration renewals and certificate of operations.

By now we are all familiar with the Local Law 62-91 Inspection, which requires a licensed oil burner installer or your insurance company to file the necessary forms with the Building Department.  


DEP also requires for specific boilers registration renewals every 3 years, which is why they’re categorized as triennials.  Local Law 38 of 2015 amended requirements for Boiler Registrations (separate from annual inspections filed with the DOB), and created two categories of registrations.  Boiler Registration I (350,000 BTU/hr to 2.8 mmBTU/hr) Renewal Only and Boiler Registration II (2.8 mmBTU/hr to 4.2 mmTU/hr) which requires a Work Permits/Certificates of Operation.


As a separate fee for service outside our preventative maintenance plan, National Grid Energy Management LLC will perform one of the following services: 

LOCAL LAW                 Inspection and Filing             $250 PER BOILER

DAR/DEP                      Registration Renewal            $195 PER BOILER

DAR/DEP                  Certificate of Operations        $1,100 PER BOILER      

National Grid Administrator will handle all paperwork for the department of Air Resources Triennial Renewal only. Any filing fees, engineering fees, fines etc, shall be paid by owner.  

You will be billed for this fee once you have submitted to us the registration renewal amount required by the State for the Department of Building.  

We will perform a pre-check before the inspection to ensure the equipment meets all the qualifications needed in order to pass the inspection. The pre-check is on a time and material basis. When we receive the inspection date we will notify you and one of our service technicians will meet with the D.E.P inspector at the job site on that day. Any work required to obtain said certificate (triennial), shall be billed at prevailing rates. Any filing fees, engineering fees, fines etc, shall be paid by owner.

It is the building manager’s (customer) responsibility to request LOCAL LAW INSPECTION.  We will not perform any inspection unless it is requested.  Failure to do so will result in fines anywhere from $500 to $1500 per boiler.


We are not responsible for any duplication in filing or be able to replace any lost documents and/or reports.


Download DEP / Local Law Request Form



Notifact is an internet wireless remote monitoring system used by our managing agent, owners and facilities personnel.   The monitoring system is without the use of costly phone lines and will notify key people on your team of any alarm condition that may occur at your facility.   The general-purpose transmitter is part of the Notifact network for wireless monitoring of mechanical equipment.  It can be used to monitor any mechanical failure or alarm specific conditions at your facility. 


This can include:

  • Check oil strainers 

  • Boiler and/or water heating equipment lockout

  • Compressor failure

  • Water spill

  • or Temperature out of limit. 


A key benefit of the Notifact system its multi capabilities to monitor burner safety conditions.    The service will use the Internet to configure who will receive each message regarding the alarm conditions.  Delivery methods include pagers (alphanumeric, numeric), fax, e-mail, PCS or telephone (voice delivery).  If there is a power failure to the device, perhaps indicating a site power problem, an alarm message will be generated.  To verify that the system is operating, every 24 hours, the transmitter will also transmit to the Notifact website a message that the system is properly functioning

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